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The Power of Cascades

When my parents drove cross-country recently, I asked for what seemed a logical souvenir – beer from all points west of Virginia.  They obliged, coming back to Virginia with a couple cases of beer I’d never tried before.  First one to be reviewed is Stevens Point Brewery Cascade Pale Ale, from Stevens Point, Wisconsin (which according to Google is roughly in-between Green Bay, Wisconsin and Minneapolis, Minnesota).  Apparently Stevens Point Brewery has quite a bit of history and is the fifth oldest continuously operating brewery in the US and was founded in 1857, with name and ownership changes over the years.

Stevens Point makes a number of brews and sodas, and the Cascade Pale Ale appears to be one of the flagships. Even if it hadn’t been in the name, I definitely would have picked out the Cascade hops, as the beer is incredibly fragrant and has a huge Cascade taste.  For those who aren’t familiar with them, Cascade hops are very distinctive (I can usually pick them out in any beer that contains them), being very hoppy with a clear citrusy taste and aroma.  The Cascades are so strong in this that I actually thought it was far more hoppy than what Stevens Point officially says.  The beer had an okay malt backbone, but the hops were definitely the center of attention.  I like American Pale Ales, which this definitely falls into, but I usually prefer a bit more balance with the malt.  However, this definitely was not the hoppiest beer I’ve ever had, and its also only 5.40% alcohol, so this is easier drinking than a lot of the imperial IPAs or other pale ales that seem to be widely available.  I enjoyed this beer, but I also wouldn’t be able to drink more than one, because of the sheer Cascade hoppiness.  Of course, all you hop-heads out there may beg to differ and tell me it’s a great base beer!

Cascade Pale Ale
Stevens Point Brewery, Stevens Point, Wisconsin
Price:  NA
Sampled:  10/5/10
Serving Type:  12 oz bottle
IBU:  33
ABV:  5.40%
Rating:  3

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