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A DIY Beer Dinner – Part 1 – dining in, swearing in

“I mean, I’m a grown man, and I still cry at the end of Toy Story 3, no matter how many times I’ve seen it.  And it ended just right. Why would they make a fourth? I don’t know if I can emotionally make it through that.”

“The way they print the letter ‘D’ totally looks like a vagina. And then they printed it on pink paper. Come on.”

“He didn’t want that sippy cup, he wanted the other sippy cup that was downstairs in the kitchen, in dishwater… I”m like dude, drink your water. Go to sleep. We are not having a power struggle.”

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It’s a Zoo Out There-‘Brew at the Zoo’ 2010

On July 15th, I was lucky enough to attend ‘Brew at the Zoo’ with my fabulous cohort, Beth “BYOBates”.  She scored last minute tickets to the sold out event and I was just happy that it was scheduled on a Thursday.  Darn weekend job, pfft.  The event was touted as a “Young Professionals Beer Tasting Event”  and was sponsored by the Friends of the National Zoo.

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Voyage to Mad Fox Brewing

Mad Fox SamplersWhile in the DC area over the weekend, I enticed some friends to meet me at the newly-opened Mad Fox Brewing Company.  Located in downtown Falls Church, VA, Mad Fox is the new venture by Bill and Beth Madden.  Bill previously brewed at Cap City Brewing Co and Vintage 50, and I’ve long been a fan of his beers.  I was not disappointed by Mad Fox.

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