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Goodnight from Beth and Hugo

Well, it’s almost 2AM and this BlogAThon flew by! First let me say that we’ve had an absolute blast hanging out with you, sharing our story and raising money to raise awareness for canine cancer. I hope that Hugo’s story helps at least one person out there understand that there is doggie life after a cancer diagnosis. I also hope that some of the resources we’ve shared were helpful as well.

This is what I see when I look at the floor beside me. Hugo is pooped out from his long day of blogging!

Since Hugo’s last surgery, he has been cancer free. We take him to the vet every three months to so that the vet can check for new lumps and give him a daily massage to check at home. So far, we’ve been very lucky. He’s set to see the vet again this month, so I’ll let everyone know how he fairs.

Many thanks to Two Million Dogs, a wonderful organization who is truly doing good. We love who you are and look forward to seeing great things from you in the future. We hope that the funds raised today help the cause.

A big high-five to all of the businesses who donated the sweet prizes today. You helped make this day even more fun for us. I loved giving such cool stuff away!

I’m sending a big doggie hug out to Janelle Welch at NOVADog Magazine for putting this event together – you made this so easy and fun to do!

And to all of you folks who stuck it out with us for the past 16 hours – THANK YOU! Without your help and support, we couldn’t do what we do. Thanks for your kindness, your stories and your generosity.

I’ll be contacting all prize winners tomorrow via email, so you have that to look forward to. And one lucky commenter will win an Amazon Kindle from NOVADog!

Stop by and see us at the Pet Fiesta on May 7 at the Reston Town Center. We’ll be there with barks on!

Me and My Pal Hugo

For our LAST PRIZE OF THE NIGHT, we’ll be giving away the last NOVADog T-shirt and a certificate for a free annual subscription to the magazine! We’ll mail it so anyone can win it! Just bid Hugo and the rest of the zoo sweet dreams and then go to bed! Seriously, why are you still up? =)

And don’t forget to make a donation if you haven’t. Your generosity will help us all beat canine cancer! PUPPY UP!


BlogAThon, Chick Speak

More About Two Million Dogs

Two Million DogsFor those wondering, the proceeds from today’s fundraiser will benefit Two Million Dogs, a foundation raising awareness about canine cancer. Janelle chose Two Million Dogs because of its continuation of one man’s passion to end this disease. Luke Robinson built a nationwide grassroots movement when he walked over 2,000 miles—with his 2 dogs by his side—educating people about canine cancer and telling his story.

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