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Weeping Radish Corolla Gold

it did not make me cry, but i did want to grill…

This was my second review in one evening and I was a tad underwhelmed.  I had sampled WR’s Black Radish recently and LOVED it.  It was so unexpected and subtle for a dark brew, which frankly, usually scare me.  If I had to blindly guess, I would have pegged myself for a Gold girl any day.  Seems more my style.  On with the review:  This lager in no way warrants any particular criticism.  It’s a solid  brew.  Molasses and malt rule the palate and the nose-there may have been a bit of dark honey there too.  I think I was just looking for a little more.  I don’t really have a ton to say about the character.  It was pretty standard-not too hoppy.  Not too yeasty.  Not too malty.  It was nice but nothing was jumping out at me.  Would I drink it again?  Absolutely.  I might not go out of my way, but it was definitely pleasant.  I guess I could chalk this up to the fact that fall is here and I’m a sucker for seasonal anything.  I’m willing to bet that if I had sampled this earlier in the summer by the grill with some burgers and picnic fixins that it would have been right-on.

Weeping Radish is brewed in Jarvisburg, NC.  You’ve probably seen the place if you ever vacation in the Outer Banks.  I have, and the next time I make it down that way, I’m  going to make a point to stop in and say hi.  The folks there were more than kind in providing a few samples of their wares for ‘Chicks Love Beer’ review.  They are a small farm brewery and they are making some solid brews.  Some I’ve loved, and some I’ve liked-all of them worth a taste.

Corolla Gold was poured from a 22oz bottle and has 5% alcohol.  Not sure of the price point on this one either…

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Pike Dry Wit

contrary to the name, it was not particularly funny. get it? dry wit?

It’s been a loooooong time since I’ve posted up a so much as a teeny, tiny peep. I will not point out the obvious-my name says it all. They don’t call me ‘the Lightweight’ for nothin’. Having said that, when I do imbibe, if they are as tasty as this brew that I present to you for review it makes it real easy to get excited and back into the swing of things.

I sampled an unfiltered Pike Dry Wit seasonal white ale. The label states that it’s 92% organic. Groovy. When I first poured and it was super cold right out of the fridge, the nose didn’t offer up much. I detected a tiny bit of yeasty pizza dough, but that was about it. After it came down in temperature a bit I noticed way more spice. Lots of ginger and maybe a little white peppercorn. Perfect for fall. I liked the weight of it-medium bodied, but with plenty of personality. Notes of ruby red grapefruit and some subtle spice on the palate. A bitter finish, but in no way unpleasant. I liked it a lot.

Pike is brewed in Seattle, WA. I was given this bottle by the illustrious Miss BYOBates so I’m not sure how much it costs. It came in a 22 oz. bottle and had only 5% alcohol.

This was an excellent choice for an early fall evening. Spicy and tasty.

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Dragon’s Milk Ale

This dragon slayed me.

I was so excited to try this ale.  I had the highest of hopes.  I really did.  There was intrigue.  There was sweet anticipation.  Ultimately, there was bitter disappointment.  For me anyhow…

Up for consideration was Dragon’s Milk Ale produced by New Holland.  I first tasted this mysterious oak aged brew on July 20th.  I’d had it for quite a while, but truth be told, I was a little apprehensive.  I had purchased it at the Frenchman’s Quarter in Culpeper, VA, a super-charming little place with a wicked selection of great beers, wines, chocolates, and cheeses.  Hello?  Can you say hedonistic?  Anyhow, I like less hoppy, slightly sweet beer.  This was recommended to me.

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