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The Ultimate Chicks Home Improvement Project

This year, I’m thankful for the newest addition to my house . . . my access to draft beer! That’s right everyone, I now have a kegerator. So I thought I’d let everyone know how surprisingly simple this home improvement was, in the hopes of encouraging other chicks to feather their nests in a similar manner. My husband and I have long discussed our wish for a kegerator – it wasn’t an issue of knowledge, more just our lack of actually doing it. A while back, my office upgraded its refrigerator, and I gladly laid claim to the old one and it came to live in our garage. What followed was then several months of discussion about how many taps we wanted, what type of faucets we should get, etc. Finally, we got around to ordering the equipment. I won’t lie, it was definitely an investment – not exactly cheap, but also not outrageously expensive.

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