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Love Me. Love My Dog.

This hour is sponsored by Melinda Moore, in memory of her beloved dog Liberty Redpath. Thank you so much, Melinda, for supporting this wonderful cause.

Mark and I don’t have kids of the 2-legged variety. Instead, we’ve chosen to fill our home with furry kids that shed on the furniture, share our bed at night and occasionally poop and/or pee (sometimes both!) on the floor. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. Continue Reading

BlogAThon, Chick Speak

Tell Us Your Tail (Ha!)

This is our youngest, Bruno. And yes, he does this all the time!

In an effort to really go and get that much needed cup of tea (and since my husband hasn’t yet seen the importance of waking up and getting it for me), I’m dialing it in this hour and encouraging YOU to tell US about why you are here following this crazy event.

One thing that I’ve found is that when you meet another dog person or better yet, Continue Reading