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Discovering Asheville – One Pint at a Time

Green Man AlesAfter spending a couple of days in Donalds, SC, visiting family and two days in Atlanta at Dragon*Con, Mark and I were ready to kick back and relax. At the eleventh hour, we decided to hop in the car and head to Asheville, NC. We had heard a lot of great things about Asheville and a friend lives there. So we thought – why not? The first thing we discovered about Asheville (and we kind of knew this going in) is that its full of hippies. I don’t say that in a derogatory way – it’s just a fact. We know this because we arrived on the night of the “LAF” festival – drum circles, dancing in the streets, patchouli…you get the picture. The second thing we realized? Asheville has GREAT beer.

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