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Is It Cancer? Lumps and Bumps

When Hugo was diagnosed, I honestly thought that he just had a fatty lump on his side. It was so big that we never dreamed it could be cancer and were shocked when it turned out to be a Mast Cell Tumor. Dogs can be lumpy, but these lump and bumps shouldn’t be ignored. In this case, it is better to be safe than sorry.

I ran across this great video that helps explain what’s normal, what’s not and when you should see a vet.


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BlogAThon, Chick Speak

5 Steps to Coping with the Diagnosis of Canine Cancer

This hour of our blogathon is sponsored by Janis Lindenberger, in memory of ALL her Angel babies. Many thanks for your donation, Linda.

Wow, we’re halfway there! Eight hours down, eight to go and I feel great. The dogs are napping (because they are lazy) and we’re sitting here on the mountain waiting for the rain to come. I want to extend a warm thanks to everyone who has shared their stories about their dogs and dealing with canine cancer. They are so heartwarming and I really do appreciate your thoughts. THANK YOU!

A common theme throughout my experience with Hugo’s cancer is the emotional toll it took on our family. As I’ve mentioned, Hugo didn’t know that he was sick so he continued life pretty much as he always had. But, for people I think its much more difficult to come to terms with the situation. There are a few things that you can do to help prepare yourself for a future with cancer.

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BlogAThon, Chick Speak

Blogging for 16 Hours – Am I Crazy?

This is Hugo and I’m blogging in honor of my 140LB canine cancer survivor!

When Janelle Welch over at NOVADog Magazine asked me to participate in a blogathon I thought “Wow – blogging for 16 hours? On a Saturday? Really?” But, when I found out that the proceeds were going to help find a cure for canine cancer, I knew that it was something that I had to do.

So while I might throw in a thing or two about beer today, I’ll mostly be devoting Chicks Love Beer to the dogs and helping raise awareness about canine cancer and my personal story of why its important to me and my family.

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