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How to Care for a Dog With Cancer

When Hugo was diagnosed we really didn’t know what to expect in terms of his behavior. Would he have to be kept calm and quiet? Should we worry about his appetite? Is pain management going to be a concern? While your vet should be able to help you with determining whether your dog needs special care depending on the type of cancer he has, I found this video very helpful. A lot of it is common sense and very cancer specific, it outlines some things to watch out for. Continue Reading

BlogAThon, Chick Speak

What To Expect After Chemotherapy

That’s not an e-collar. It’s the trash can lid. HUGO!

Treatment of canine cancer is a very personal decision made with the help of your vet. In Hugo’s case, when the cancer returned, chemo seemed to give him the best chance of survival so that’s the treatment path we followed.

Hugo’s chemotherapy consisted of treatments twice a month for three months. We would generally drop him off at the vet in the AM and pick him up in the afternoon. After three months, Hugo was the king of the vet’s office. Even now, when I bring in other pets, everyone asks about Hugo. Continue Reading