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How to Care for a Dog With Cancer

When Hugo was diagnosed we really didn’t know what to expect in terms of his behavior. Would he have to be kept calm and quiet? Should we worry about his appetite? Is pain management going to be a concern? While your vet should be able to help you with determining whether your dog needs special care depending on the type of cancer he has, I found this video very helpful. A lot of it is common sense and very cancer specific, it outlines some things to watch out for. Continue Reading

BlogAThon, Chick Speak

Your Best Defense Against Canine Cancer Is Education

This hour of our blogathon is sponsored by Cindy Smith, in memory of her beloved dog Muffin Smith. Thanks so much, Cindy, for supporting our efforts and caring about canine cancer.

When Hugo was diagnosed, I immediately thought the worst and ran to the internet to learn all that I could about Mast Cell Cancer. There are a lot of great resources available. For me, it really helped me realize that we weren’t going to lose Hugo immediately and that with care, he could live the rest of his life in good health. Continue Reading