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Review: Starr Hill Festie

Starr Hill Festie“Festie” is Starr Hill’s fall seasonal and is pretty light as compared to most full-bodied beers released this time of year.

Festie is a really nice amber color and creates a decent head when poured. The aroma presents a subtle toastiness and is somewhat malty.

For me, Festie was pretty weak as compared to other Oktoberfests available. It’s a nice medium-bodied lager that is very drinkable and is going to appeal to most beer drinkers. However, it’s not a beer that I would choose in a bar or at the grocery store. I just don’t feel that its a good representation of the style.

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Beer Reviews, Specialty Brews

Review: Legend Brewing Company – Oktoberfest

Legend's OktoberfestI’m just gonna say it – Legend’s Oktoberfest has been my all-time favorite Oktoberfest of the season (St. George came in a close second!) It’s big and bold with loads of flavor – really enjoyable. Makes me think about eating brats and busting out the Lederhosen.

The beer is a deep amber color with HUGE head on the pour and settles into a nice layer of fluff.

The aroma brings to mind toasted malt with subtle spices. The flavor is very powerful and earthy – really toasted with no bitterness at all. The toastiness lingers and leaves a residual warmth. It has a really nice mouthfeel coating the inside of the mouth.

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Beer Reviews, Lagers

Review: Weeping Radish’s Black Radish Lager

Weeping Radish Black RadishI learned about Weeping Radish at the World Beer Festival in Richmond. They had a booth – I tried the beer – I loved it. The folks at Weeping Radish were kind enough to send us some of their wonderful beers to sample, so this is the first in a series of WR reviews.

First up is Weeping Radish’s “Black Radish”, a dark German lager style beer. I expected this beer to be really rich and thick – it’s called Black Radish, right? I couldn’t have been more wrong. This dark lager poured crisp and amber colored with very little head. It coated the mouth a little and had no lingering taste or bitterness.

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