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Schlafly Pumpkin Ale

If you couldn’t tell from my Oktoberfest post, I love fall, and fall beers.  Especially pumpkin beers (true confession:  I actually love just about anything pumpkin).  Every year, in early September, I head to my favorite beer shops to pick up a season’s worth of pumpkin beer.  I usually grab some of my favorites, and check out new ones to try.  The owner of my tried and true beer store recommended Schlafly to me, saying it was his favorite.  I was a little dubious, as his second favorite is one I’m not a fan of.  But I decided to give it a try, and I am very happy I did.  This is the first Schlafly beer I’ve tried, and I’ll definitely be looking for additional styles. 

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Let the Fest Begin!

I can’t help myself, I get very excited about all things fall – and as a consequence, start drinking Oktoberfests as soon as they appear.  So I was happy to see Ayinger Oktoberfest on the draft list at my local uber-beer garden.  While Ayinger isn’t one of the original Fests from 1810, it’s still regarded as a classic.  It all started well, as it was a beautiful copper fest-color, with an even head.  But when I started drinking it, I was a bit disappointed. 

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Review: Good Juju? Yes Please!

Now that summer is almost over, I’ve been reminiscing on one of my favorite summer traditions.  I love, more than anything, to load a cooler up with a huge variety of beers and play a sort of “brewery Russian roulette” when we get to our party destination.  Never knowing what might come out of that cooler makes beer taste better in my opinion.  Also, I’m absolutely  famous for purchasing beer (and wine, for that matter) solely based on how cool the label looks.  This purchasing strategy has gotten me in to tasting trouble on more than one occasion.  However, this summer my label buying and my Russian roulette worked out to my advantage.

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