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Review: Starr Hill Festie

Starr Hill Festie“Festie” is Starr Hill’s fall seasonal and is pretty light as compared to most full-bodied beers released this time of year.

Festie is a really nice amber color and creates a decent head when poured. The aroma presents a subtle toastiness and is somewhat malty.

For me, Festie was pretty weak as compared to other Oktoberfests available. It’s a nice medium-bodied lager that is very drinkable and is going to appeal to most beer drinkers. However, it’s not a beer that I would choose in a bar or at the grocery store. I just don’t feel that its a good representation of the style.

Starr Hill makes great beer, but Festie just doesn’t appeal to my need for a bold and hearty Oktoberfest.

Give Festie a try and let me know what you think – prove me wrong, I’m willing to learn. 😉

  • Festie
  • Starr Hill, Virginia
  • Price: NA
  • Sampled 8/26/10
  • Serving Type:  bottle
  • IBU:  NA
  • ABV: 4.8%
  • Rating:  2
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