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Review: Erie Brewing Golden Fleece Maibock

Some bottles from Erie Brewing Co appeared in my fridge recently, so I opted to try the Golden Fleece Maibock in my quest to let Bocks grow on me – I haven’t seen too many Maibocks from American breweries before.  Erie Brewing is located in (surprise!) Erie, PA, and the Maibock is their spring seasonal.  It was light amber/gold in color, and had minimal head.  The thing that really hit me was the maltiness.  I’m a big fan of malt, but this seemed a bit harsh – it had a flavor similar to what you’d get actually chewing on grain.  Luckily, that flavor diminished as I tried a bit more. It also had a slightly sour flavor, but that was quickly overcome by the sweetness.  Part of the reason I don’t drink a lot of Bocks is that I’m not a huge fan of sweetness in my beer, but this one was pretty balanced.  With that level of sweetness comes a high alcohol level, but this beer didn’t hit you with the alcohol taste, which was good.  Overall,  I wasn’t a huge fan of this beer (the initial grainy taste), but it wasn’t terrible either.  However, I’m still going to keep trying other types of Bocks to get a better sense of the range of options out there.

  • Beer Name:  Golden Fleece Maibock
  • Brewer:  Erie Brewing Company
  • Origin:  Erie, PA
  • Price:  NA
  • Serving Type:  Bottle
  • Rating:  2.5
  • IBU:  26
  • ABV:  8.5%
  • Degrees Plato:  18.4
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