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Review: Dominion Octoberfest

Dominion OctoberfestDominion was nice enough to send me a few bottles of their Octoberfest to sample because they are a great company. For good or bad,  that got bought up by a huge conglomerate. So while I like to reminisce about the Old Dominion Brewery that we loved to frequent, I know that at the end of the day, they still make great beer.

Dominion does a great job of making craft beer that is still accessible for most drinkers. Their Octoberfest is no exception. It pours a nice, big head that stuck around even after the beer had settled. The beer is a deep copper color.

The aroma was a little heavy on the alcohol but also presented hints of toasted malt.

The toasted maltiness continued throughout the flavor. The linger had a bit of a metallic taste. While the Dominion Octoberfest isn’t a bold as the Legend, it’s a very drinkable beer that would be a wonderful addition to Thanksgiving dinner.

  • Octoberfest
  • Old Dominion Brewing Co, Delaware
  • Price: NA
  • Sampled 8/21/10
  • Serving Type:  12oz. bottle
  • IBU:  NA
  • ABV:  5.6%
  • Rating:  3
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