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Magic Hat Wacko Summer Seasonal (Pale Lager)

Magic Hat WackoI thoroughly enjoy discovering regional brews. Contrary to popular belief, there are a vast amount of regionals that really surprise and stand out in the beer universe. Magic Hat Brewing Company from South Burlington, VT is a brewery that has been on my radar since I first sampled its Magic Hat #9. So when I spied this beautifully designed summer seasonal I was hoping to add this to my list of favored summer brews. Indeed it is pleasing to the eye in its unusual pinkish hue (thanks to it’s beet sugar content, I assume). Imagine my surprise…PINK! How pretty. Sadly, this is where my ill-fated love of the beer ends.

Although it advertises a “big malty aroma, subdued hop bite and clean, subtly fruity finish” (according to the Magic Hat website, I found none of these statements to be accurate. The aroma is faint at best. When poured, there was no head; only a lethargic stream of bubbles betrayed it’s carbonation. The taste is indeed light...too light. After my initial sip I found I needed a second in order to get a sense of it; followed by a third and a fourth. In short, it was fairly forgettable. I didn’t discern a fruity finish and found it rather bland and watery, with little if any finish at all. Certainly not the “crisp summer beer” described on the label. I would suggest serving this extremely cold, since the warmer it gets the more noticeable it’s lack of character becomes.  To be fair, I tend to gravitate to more complex beers but I do enjoy a nice light, crisp brew during the summer months. I loved the sweet, surprising slogan inside the bottle cap of “make love not war”, but unfortunately this beer would inspire neither. Pass the Magic Hat #9, please.

+: Nice subtle beer for gals who have not yet developed a real taste for the beverage. Great packaging, pleasing pink color.

: Everything else.

  • Rating: 1.5 out of 5 Half-Pints
  • Container: 3/4 pint bottle
  • Price tag: $2.00 per bottle (NYC)
  • Date Tippled: 6/13/2010
  • Style: Summer Seasonal
  • OG: 11.0
  • Malt: Pale, Beet Sugar
  • Hops: Apollo
  • Yeast: English Ale
  • IBU’s: 15
  • ABV%: 4.5
  • Color in SRM: 4.65
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