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Let the Fest Begin!

I can’t help myself, I get very excited about all things fall – and as a consequence, start drinking Oktoberfests as soon as they appear.  So I was happy to see Ayinger Oktoberfest on the draft list at my local uber-beer garden.  While Ayinger isn’t one of the original Fests from 1810, it’s still regarded as a classic.  It all started well, as it was a beautiful copper fest-color, with an even head.  But when I started drinking it, I was a bit disappointed.  It was just okay.  There was a nice malt balance, and not too much spice, but there was just a slightly off, funky taste.   It was also hoppier than I expected.  While this beer wasn’t bad, it wasn’t what I’d hoped for either.  I’d be very interested in trying it in Germany, as I’m wondering if it’s an American-issue version, or just somehow didn’t survive the journey intact.  I’m glad I started with my Oktoberfest season with it, as hopefully things will only continue to get better!

  • Beer Name:  Oktoberfest-Marzen
  • Brewer:  Ayinger Brewery
  • Aying, Bavaria, Germany
  • Price:  $6
  • ABV:  5.6%
  • Rating:  2
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