It’s a Zoo Out There-‘Brew at the Zoo’ 2010

On July 15th, I was lucky enough to attend ‘Brew at the Zoo’ with my fabulous cohort, Beth “BYOBates”.  She scored last minute tickets to the sold out event and I was just happy that it was scheduled on a Thursday.  Darn weekend job, pfft.  The event was touted as a “Young Professionals Beer Tasting Event”  and was sponsored by the Friends of the National Zoo.

It was a relatively compact set-up, but this being my first official “Beer Tasting Event”, I was stoked regardless.  There were plenty of big white tasting tents to make me giddy, well that and the extreme heat.  It was a muggy day in D.C.-Holy Hot, Batman.

The stand-outs of the evening for me were the Unibroue Ephemere Apple (very refreshing considering it was so stinking hot), and the more local Fordham Copper Head Ale out of Annapolis, MD.  It was kind of clove-y and not too heavy.  I also enjoyed the Original Sin Hard Cider tent.  I have a softspot for pin-up girls and their packaging did not disappoint.  The cider itself was mild, but crisp and clean.

We got to meet some new friends, both manning the tents and otherwise.  Lots of friendly beer enthusiasts out that night!  I think a good time was had by all.

On a side note, other than a tiny pony close to the entrance to the event, I saw no animals.  Unless you include the people dancing to the band, that is.  Hmmm, curious…

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