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Growing Old Not-So-Gracefully

Katie, Little Princess

Over the course of the day I’ve shared stories about all of my dogs except one – Katie. At 14, she is the matriarch of our family, schooling the other dogs and barking at us – she is truly one cranky old broad.

Katie has a slight heart murmur that causes her to have mini-seizures from time-to-time, but aside from that she’s pretty darn healthy for her age.

We rescued Katie from a nutty backyard breeder when she was 1  and a half and had already had a litter. She has always been willful, cranky and sometimes downright mean. But if she wasn’t temperamental, she wouldn’t be Katie. We’re now dealing with some incontinence issues and she’s getting skinnier. And after a bizarre bout with a busted ear drum about six months ago, she hasn’t really been the same.

She still watches over the other dogs and keeps them in line.  She is a daddy’s girl and likes to sleep under the covers. But if you roll over onto her she WILL snap at you. And now, in her golden years our job has become to keep her warm, comfortable and happy.

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