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Founder’s Cerise

Founder's CeriseI have a fondness in my heart (and my mouth) for cherries. When I first had Founder’s Cerise last summer, I thought that it tasted just like cherry pie filling. Um, yum. It was on draft and super cold on a very hot day. And it was bliss. Since then, I’ve found Cerise in bottles and while I found it a little flat in comparison to the draft, it was still delicious. So, my review is based on the bottle since that’s how it was consumed most recently.

For a seriously fruity beer, it has little to no aroma. There is a hint of floral goodness, but it could be easily overlooked. When poured, it’s a relatively clear beer (no haziness) with very little head. It’s reddish amber in color – really nice. From a bottle, the cherry flavor is still really prevalent, but the maltiness definitely shines through more than on draft. The taste is very fruity but still really clean and doesn’t coat the mouth. There is little to no aftertaste.

I’m a big fan of fruit seasonals and Cerise does not disappoint! If you love cherries, try Founder’s Cerise!

  • Beer Name: Cerise
  • Brewer: Founder’s Brewing Co.
  • Origin: Grand Rapids, MI
  • Price: $3.09
  • Date Sampled: 7/13/10
  • Serving Type: Bottle
  • Rating: 4
  • IBU: 15
  • ABV: 6.5%

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