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Dragon’s Milk Ale

This dragon slayed me.

I was so excited to try this ale.  I had the highest of hopes.  I really did.  There was intrigue.  There was sweet anticipation.  Ultimately, there was bitter disappointment.  For me anyhow…

Up for consideration was Dragon’s Milk Ale produced by New Holland.  I first tasted this mysterious oak aged brew on July 20th.  I’d had it for quite a while, but truth be told, I was a little apprehensive.  I had purchased it at the Frenchman’s Quarter in Culpeper, VA, a super-charming little place with a wicked selection of great beers, wines, chocolates, and cheeses.  Hello?  Can you say hedonistic?  Anyhow, I like less hoppy, slightly sweet beer.  This was recommended to me.

The nose was a mishmash of molasses, caramel, milk chocolate and freshly torched creme brulee.  Very heady, but not really in a good way.  Pouring from the bottle, it produced very little foam and looked a little too thick and viscous for my liking.  The body was very dark, almost black.  A very slight head hung out for approximately 2.2 seconds before petering out.  No biggie.  Aesthetics are great, but I wanted to taste it.

Phew-wee.  It was sweet.  Sickeningly so.  There must be a rather high residual sugar percentage.  I was not expecting that.  I assumed the oak barrel influence would round that out some.  The only thing I could think of after pondering the first sip was “black strap molasses”.  In consistency and taste.  Ick.  It was a bit too much for my delicate sensibilities.  I’d be interested to see how someone who likes dark ales normally would perceive this.  Definitely not my thing.  I’m glad I tried it, but I probably won’t need to revisit this one.

  • Beer Name:  Dragon’s Milk Oak Barrel Aged Ale
  • Brewer:  New Holland
  • Origin:  Holland, Michigan
  • Price:  $9.95/a pint and a half
  • Date Sampled:  July 20th, 2010
  • Serving Type:  bottle
  • Rating:  1
  • IBU:  ?
  • ABV:  10%

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