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Doggie Trivia Time!

Well it’s 9PM and I’m still here bringing you all sorts of doggie goodness until the wee hours of the morning! Thanks for hanging tough with me and Hugo all day!

Here’s a little evening trivia fun for you fine folks. I’m going to give you 3 questions based on my blog posts and those of my fellow bloggers Janelle Welch at NOVADog Magazine and Lydia Best over at Daisy and Bob’s Blog and all you have to do is answer ONE correctly to be entered to win the prize of the hour which is….

PUPPY UP! Pack : 1 Puppy Up! pink t-shirt, A Cancer Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down calendar, a Puppy Up! Bandanna and a blue wristband! If you’re not local – that’s OK! We’ll ship this great prize pack to you! Many thanks to the 2 Million Dogs Foundation for this awesome prize!

QUESTION 1: How old was Hugo when I adopted him?

QUESTION 2: Why type of sugars offer fuel to cancer cells? (NOVADog Magazine)

QUESTION 3: What was the name of Lydia’s first baby bulldog? (Daisy and Bob’s Blog)

Answer one or all of these questions in the comments below to put your name in the hat for the PUPPY UP! Pack!

DON’T FORGET TO DONATE! Two Million Dogs needs your help to continue their fantastic work. It’s easy – just click the Chip In badge on the right. I donated $25 – will you? PUPPY UP!

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