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Consider Adopting a Senior

This hour of our blogathon is sponsored by Angela Vincent Cole, in honor of her beloved dogs Scooter,Teddy,Taffy and Sassy. Thank you so much, Angela, for caring about canine cancer.

Mickey, our lucky senior boy. (Actually we are the lucky ones.)

At this stage of our zoo, all of our dogs were seniors except for Bruno, the 3 year old mastiff. I’m probably one of the few dog owners that has never adopted a puppy. All of our dogs were adopted at least 6 months. Within the past 2 years, we took a chance and adopted two senior dogs – Hugo at 6 and Mickey at 10. While we won’t have as much time with them as they live out their golden years, I have never regretted adopting a senior dog.

Senior dogs give you the kind of love that you can’t get from a puppy. What you see is pretty much what you get – there isn’t a lot of guessing involved. And contrary to popular belief – you are not inheriting someone else’s problem. Senior dogs are left behind for a number of reasons. We adopted Mickey because his previous owner went into a nursing home and passed away shortly after. And Hugo was dropped off at the shelter with 2 other dogs because one of the owner’s dogs bit the neighbor’s dog and the man dumped all three dogs at the shelter. Poor Hugo was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

So if you are considering adopting a dog and aren’t prepared for the time and energy of a puppy, consider a senior. They will reward you with unconditional love, relatively low maintenance and huge doggie kisses. And doesn’t it feel good to give an old dog a warm, safe home to live out his senior years?

Here are a few resources to help you make the choice to adopt a senior companion:

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