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Angela Ends Her Journey…Or Does She?

…I was complaining to my husband one day about the state of beer, and being the encyclopedia of all things epicurean, he bowed his head in Yoda like fashion and began to speak.  With our refrigerator full of PBR and Miller High Life, I could not believe what he was saying.  We had a full bar and a wonderful wine collection but the beer in our fridge was, let’s face it, garbage.  He explained the brewing process, how they grew hops, what beers you can age and what you can’t. “Why didn’t you tell me about this before?”  “I didn’t want to waste money on something we weren’t going to be able to enjoy together.”  I thought it was so sweet that he cared enough to think about our budget and my palate.  And I was angry as hell.  Knowing my “thirst” for knowledge, he let me wallow in my own ignorance.

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November 15th is Resolute Day! We’re Going!

three brothers

Resolute Day Variants

November 15th is Resolute Day.  Three Brothers puts out their infamous Resolute Barrel Aged Imperial Stout annually and it’s a huge event.  Not only are they one of our favorite breweries, but this is the beer that put them on the map.  Beth and I will be standing in line on Saturday to be one of the first recipients of this amazing beer.  Join us in Harrisonburg if you dare!!!!  We hope to see you there.  If not, well, we’ll tell you how it went.

beer journey
Chick Speak

Beer Journey

As a bartender, I knew that I had a love for all things spirited- People, food, debates and of course alcohol.  As a snob, I knew I had disdain for all the poorly constructed versions of those same things and beer was at the top of my list.  I stand corrected.  The past five years of my life have been spent on a whirlwind tour of hops, barley and yeast.   Who ever thought a woman would be interested in yeast without an anti-fungal?  And what I discovered is yes, there is a well- constructed beer, more than one, and most of them are made here in the good old U.S.A.

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