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Review: Starr Hill Festie

Starr Hill Festie“Festie” is Starr Hill’s fall seasonal and is pretty light as compared to most full-bodied beers released this time of year.

Festie is a really nice amber color and creates a decent head when poured. The aroma presents a subtle toastiness and is somewhat malty.

For me, Festie was pretty weak as compared to other Oktoberfests available. It’s a nice medium-bodied lager that is very drinkable and is going to appeal to most beer drinkers. However, it’s not a beer that I would choose in a bar or at the grocery store. I just don’t feel that its a good representation of the style. Continue Reading

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Review: Legend Brewing Company – Oktoberfest

Legend's OktoberfestI’m just gonna say it – Legend’s Oktoberfest has been my all-time favorite Oktoberfest of the season (St. George came in a close second!) It’s big and bold with loads of flavor – really enjoyable. Makes me think about eating brats and busting out the Lederhosen.

The beer is a deep amber color with HUGE head on the pour and settles into a nice layer of fluff.

The aroma brings to mind toasted malt with subtle spices. The flavor is very powerful and earthy – really toasted with no bitterness at all. The toastiness lingers and leaves a residual warmth. It has a really nice mouthfeel coating the inside of the mouth. Continue Reading

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Review: Punkin Chunkin! Dogfish Head “Punkin” Ale

Dogfish Head Punkin AleLet me preface this review by saying that I’ve always turned my nose up at pumpkin ales. Reason being…I hate pumpkin pie. After many a family gathering, being forced to taste some distant relative’s pumpkin pie – it makes me cringe. So when friends try to get me to drink pumpkin beer, I gag a little at the thought. Until now….

I started down a road of pumpkin beer this fall while on assignment for a beer publication. Keeping an open mind, I tried a variety of pumpkin beers and I have to say that there were a few that I really enjoyed and a few that took me back to pumpkin pie horror. Continue Reading