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Brooklyn Local 1

Brooklyn Local 1For my first official review, I decided to aim high and broke out a bottle of Brooklyn’s Local 1, Brooklyn describes as an unfiltered Golden Ale.  I tried it first in a 4 oz tasting glass, and then in a full-sized glass.  In the tasting glass, it appeared to be a fairly clear straw color.  Once it was poured into a full-size glass, the beer definitely became cloudier, but still golden straw colored.  Brooklyn sells this in a 25 oz corked bottle.  The cork and a finishing yeast mean the beer continues to condition in the bottle, enhancing the flavor and adding to the carbonation.  It had a lasting creamy head, and in the tasting glass you could see a champagne-like effect, with the carbonated bubbles continuing to rise long after the beer was poured.  The beer had a nice spicy aroma.  It definitely reminded me of the aroma of a classic Belgian golden (like Delirium Tremens), though not quite as strong.  I had a great time tasting this beer, as I’m a big fan of Belgian-style beers.  The malt body was very apparent, and there was a modest crispness – just enough hops to balance the malt but not enough to really taste hoppy or bitter.  I thought this was just light enough in body to be somewhere in-between a Belgian wit and a traditional Belgian golden.  My co-drinker also described it as a “Brooklyn Lager on crack (sweet, Belgian candy crack)”, which actually summed it up very nicely.  At 9.0% ABV, this isn’t exactly a sessionable, everyday beer, but it was a great drinking experience, and something I’m likely to look for again when I’m looking for a bigger, more flavorful beer.

  • Beer Name:  Local 1
  • Brewer:  Brooklyn Brewery
  • Price:  about $10.00
  • Date Sampled:  7/13/10
  • Serving Type:  Bottle
  • Rating:  4
  • IBU:  best guess was about 40
  • ABV:  9.0%
  • Original Gravity:  18.5 Plato
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