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Beer, Gumbo and Good Times – Drinking Beer at Cristina’s

Beer Tasting at Cristina's Cafe Wow! We had a great time hosting our first beer tasting event at  Cristina’s Cafe! The turnout was way more than we had hoped  for and everyone was really into trying and discussing each beer  with us. Wendy and Crissy cooked up an incredible feast of  homemade spicy gumbo, fresh bread, gingerbread cake and  offered a delicious line of local cheese. The beer line-up?



It was so exciting to see folks enjoying the beer, taking notes and talking to the person sitting next to them about each offering…and we made a lot of new friends! A million thanks to Crissy and Wendy for hosting and to my hubby, Mark, for helping me keep the beer flowing. Check out all the photos from our most excellent evening at Cristina’s!

In light of the busy holidays, we’ll be taking a break in December but look for us in Winchester in mid-January! We also have dates lined up in February and March! If you’d like to host a Chicks Love Beer tasting event, please let us know. We’re happy to hook you up!

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