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Draft Beer Not People: The local scene ponders Beer Wars

Blue Mountain Brewery’s Full Nelson pale ale meets beer, cheese and bacon soup at Mockingbird. Staunton, VA

Y’all ever get to wondering?  Like how come pregnant ladies aren’t supposed to eat peanut butter or brie cheese? Is there anything cuter than baby sea otters?  Why are we still clinging to the metric system?  And how did that delicious frothy beer make it to the glass in front of me?

How does that work? And how do consumers decide what beer to buy?  A group of citizens from Rocktown decided to find out.  Last Thursday night we made the drive south to our sister from another mister city of Staunton to see if we could find some answers.  If you aren’t from around here (and we know who you are because you don’t know how to pronounce Staunton, nor will I teach you because it’s our way of identifying people who aren’t from around here) then you don’t know that Mockingbird has gotten to be a pretty big deal. Continue Reading

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It’s the Festy for the Resty

The Festy crowd basks in the musical glow over Columbus Day weekend.

“Let’s just go tonight,” Neighbor chirped over the phone.

I cringed.  This was totally against my plans to be an old lady.  It was Friday afternoon and I had just gotten home from work.  I was thinking sweatpants, some light cross stitching, a glass of wine, and a geeky sci fi show that I don’t like to admit that I watch.  Neighbor’s plans were for the two of us to quickly pack up my Subaru with a tent and sleeping bags, make a pit stop for gas and Cheez-its and drive to Nelson County for the first ever Festy Experience, a two day music and beer concert at Devil’s Backbone Brewery. Continue Reading