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Beer Journey

As a bartender, I knew that I had a love for all things spirited- People, food, debates and of course alcohol.  As a snob, I knew I had disdain for all the poorly constructed versions of those same things and beer was at the top of my list.  I stand corrected.  The past five years of my life have been spent on a whirlwind tour of hops, barley and yeast.   Who ever thought a woman would be interested in yeast without an anti-fungal?  And what I discovered is yes, there is a well- constructed beer, more than one, and most of them are made here in the good old U.S.A.

It took me a long time to discover the world of beer.  I thought they were all Miller Lite. Don’t get me wrong, Miller Lite has won the World Beer Cup gold medal several times for American light lagers,  and  I happily washed down my pizza and wings with fizzy yellow water because who after all wants to drink 12 year old Scotch, or Rye Manhattans with their football food.  Remember, I’m a snob, so the proper beverage with the proper cuisine.  And as one of the guys, pizza and beer was the proper accompaniment to all things sports.  While slugging back my fourth beer during a particularly harrowing hockey game, I realized that I was wasting my time and stomach capacity with unnecessary items.  I didn’t really enjoy what I was drinking.  I loved wine and all its’ incantations.  I luxuriated in a well-made cocktail.  I just thoughtlessly consumed beer.  Why even do it?

I had to know more.   I started asking my peers, what beer do you drink?  To my surprise most of them were as ignorant as I.  With indifferent shrugs, they replied “beer is boring” or “bartenders don’t drink beer”.  Maybe it was our small town and the unavailability of good beer, maybe we were jaded.   My solo attempts at experimentation were hit or miss, and my wallet was crying with each bad beer I poured down the drain.   I knew there had to be another answer; I just didn’t know it was sitting right beside me the whole time…

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