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Angela Ends Her Journey…Or Does She?

…I was complaining to my husband one day about the state of beer, and being the encyclopedia of all things epicurean, he bowed his head in Yoda like fashion and began to speak.  With our refrigerator full of PBR and Miller High Life, I could not believe what he was saying.  We had a full bar and a wonderful wine collection but the beer in our fridge was, let’s face it, garbage.  He explained the brewing process, how they grew hops, what beers you can age and what you can’t. “Why didn’t you tell me about this before?”  “I didn’t want to waste money on something we weren’t going to be able to enjoy together.”  I thought it was so sweet that he cared enough to think about our budget and my palate.  And I was angry as hell.  Knowing my “thirst” for knowledge, he let me wallow in my own ignorance.

When the fireworks were done, he took me on a whirlwind tour of American Craft Beers.  Wow!!  I am a huge fan of IPAs, stouts, sours.  You name it, I drink it.  Gose beers are salty little land mines of flavor, with Anderson Valley’s Kimmie, the Yink and the Holy Gose being at the top of the list.  Three Brothers Atramentous is dark and smoky rich, a perfect combination of chocolate stout and cherry sour.  Schmaltz Brewing Company has two of my favorites.  Death of a Contract Brewer is a Black IPA that tastes of coffee, chocolate and hops.  Funky Jewbelation, a blend of six ales aged in rye and bourbon barrels, is tart with a hint of vanilla and all of the barrel funk.  I still love wine and liquor, but in the past few years, beer has become my beverage of choice.  With the craft beer industry growing 10% annually since 2007, and Virginia breweries popping up everywhere, my beer homework is never done.  I know longer tolerate beer.  I rejoice and revere it.  So, let’s talk about beer!!

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