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Anderson Valley Summer Solstice (Cerveza Crema)

Anderson Valley Summer SolsticeThe first time I had Anderson Valley’s Summer Solstice I was pleasantly surprised. It’s so light and refreshing and is a great choice if you want to enjoy several beers in one sitting. I typically drink it on draft, but had the opportunity to try it in a can. While still warming up to the idea of canned beer (which is becoming increasingly popular), I was a little skeptical. But, it was actually as good as draft IMHO. However, I don’t enjoy it as much in a bottle.

Summer Solstice is billed as a “cream beer” and has distinctive hints of cream soda. It’s a little heady during the pour, but the head thins out quickly. It has a dark amber color with a slight haze. The taste is super crisp and refreshing, with hints of cream soda and vanilla (it’s brewed with vanilla extract). It’s very light and almost airy in your mouth and leaves a faint but spicy aftertaste.

I think its a great (and one of my favorite) summer beers. Anderson Valley also brews a “Winter Solstice” for the holidays which is spicier and full bodied – and still delicious.

One word of warning – I’ve had Summer Solstice on draft in several different locations and sometimes it tastes a little off. So, if you get a funky tasting Summer Solstice on draft – send it back and let them know. No need to drink a bad beer, right?

  • Beer Name: Summer Solstice
  • Brewer: Anderson Valley Brewing Company
  • Origin: Boonville, CA
  • Price: $5.00
  • Date Sampled: 6/28/10
  • Serving Type: Can
  • Rating: 5
  • IBU: 4
  • ABV: 5.6%

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