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And Then There Was Willy

I had to share this because, well, it just happened as I was eating my leftover pizza during lunch. AND because I’ve spent the entire morning talking about how wonderful and spirited my dogs are.

With 6 dogs running around, we are pretty good about doggie proofing, securing trash, closing doors, etc. I guess we were a little lax today because this happened while I was eating lunch. He had also gone through my purse.

Thanks, Willy.

Willy the Scamp.

Willy, at 11, is still a complete scamp and while I was not happy to have to clean up the giant mess – I had to laugh. Willy was diagnosed with epilepsy this past fall and now gets special treatment because he can’t be boarded (he tends to have seizures from the stress) and makes a stink in his crate at night so we punted – now he sleeps in the bed. Yeah, he totally takes advantage of the situation and we’re complete pushovers.

What a fitting scene for a day of blogging about dogs.

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