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Adroit Theory Visit by Lori “The LightWeight” DePedro

Adroit BeerI recently visited Adroit Theory Brewing Company in Purcellville, VA to sample some of their new releases. Adroit does things differently. They focus on quality and experimentation rather than quantity. They craft some amazing and progressive brews, but they don’t make a ton of the stuff. Most of the time they don’t even bottle for mass purchase-you have to visit them to enjoy the beers on tap, and I am OK with that.

I chose two new releases and neither one disappointed. The Rye IPA was described as spicy and sticky with a piney nose. Let it be known that I personally love a nice resin-y retsina, a Greek wine preserved by sealing the barrels with pine resin, so I was really excited to try it. I was slightly underwhelmed with the finish. It was a bit more woodsy and less Christmas tree than I had hoped. It was a solid choice though with great balance and full, kind of ‘manly’ hops, but not too IPA-ish. I dig balance. When an IPA smacks me in the tongue and tries to drag me around caveman style, I am not impressed. I like my hops to play nicely with the neighborhood kids. Balance. Very zen.

The standout for me was the Catoctin Creek Gin Herb IPA. Holey Moley! This stuff was golden (not just in color)! Adroit used old gin barrels from Catoctin creek to age this brew. So much goodness! There were notes of juniper and cardamom, very sophisticated, but not over the top. That is what I love about this place! I know I keep saying it, but they understand balance. Every level of each sip of this beer was orchestrated beautifully. What stands out most in the flavor profile SHOULD. Not a hair out of place. It finished bright and kind of sweet, but plenty mouth-filling.

Honorable mention goes out to their Zero brew as well. Zero is a coffee IPA that I thought might be great for breakfast. Coffee is life blood. I have had some really nasty coffee brews and this was certainly not one of them. Delish!

Visit Adroit soon if you can. When some of these small batch beers are gone, they are gone. Oh, and don’t get your nose out of joint if you are turned down for a taste of one of their Black Hearts Club only offerings. They have members only beers. If you want it bad enough, join. Otherwise just enjoy the phenomenal offerings they have on tap. Order a few tasters and when you decide on your fave, order up a big girl (or big boy) glass and savor the perfection of a well thought out local craft brew.

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