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A DIY Beer Dinner – Part 2 – indulging in eating in

full, happy, crafty dinner guests

full, happy, crafty dinner guests

When last we left you in A DIY Beer Dinner – Part I, Josh was telling an elaborate and completely BS story about the creation of Anderson Valley Blood Orange Goze and we were enjoying ourselves thoroughly after the first three amazing pairings. The kitchen was smelling amazing as Thanh and John were pulling the savory fourth course out of the oven. While we continued to swear and tell inappropriate stories, it was time for:

A Midway point beer: Lazy Magnolia Jefferson Stout – a Sweet Potato Cream Stout – Kiln, Mississippi – ABV 4.65 %

Not a bad thing to sip on while waiting for dinner prep.  While we were drinking up this was going on:

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I’ve never seen so many game hens… also nice Rocktown Fest logo placement by John’s shirt

007 (1024x683)

Clyde, the dog, is way into this.

008 (1024x683)

Thanh portioning out all the plates

here come's the Stone...

here comes the Stone…

Course 4: herbs and spices…
Dinner:  Rosemary & Citrus Game Hen with Smashed Potatoes and Brussell Sprouts
Beer Pairing: Stone Brewing Co Saison – ale brewed with spices – Escondido, California – ABV 6%
A DIY Beer Dinner - Part 2 - indulging in eating in

stuffed like that hen… so. damn. good.

Tim and Katie had another win! This saison from Stone is known for it’s lemony citrus notes that went so well with the grapefruit stuffing.  The thyme of the saison matched with the rosemary on the game hen made for a lovely herbal palate.
012 (1024x683)

spices for the Fall season

By this point in the meal we were feeling very happy and very full… but not so full we could not indulge in dessert.
cause... omg

cause… omg

Course 5: cherry – chocolate – mint – vanilla
Dessert: Mint-Chocolate Bundt Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream
Beer Pairing: Liefmans Cuvée-Brut – Belgian fruit beer – Belgium – ABV 6%


So I get to take credit for this pairing, which I picked because I’m a dessert fan girl. But desserts, like salads, can make for hard pairings. While I love some chocolate beer: Young’s Double Chocolate Stout,  Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout, Great Divide Yeti to name a few… I want the focus to be on this delicious bundt cake Thanh and John made with 5 different types of chocolate. Chocolate on chocolate never hurt anyone, but what could enhance this rich dish? I love it when a single raspberry or swirl of cherry sauce is served with a chocolate-mint dessert at a fancy restaurant. The tart fruit really adds another level of flavor. So I went with Liefman’s, which is aged with black cherries. And it comes in fancy red packaging too!
After all that we still had one more beer to share!

Final Beer: Hardywood Singel – Belgian Abbey Style Blond Ale – Richmond, Virginia – ABV 6.2%

Stefanie thought she’d have  a quiet night at home, with her husband out of town and two boys to put to bed after a busy Saturday. Luckily Katie and Martha talked her into jumping on board with their two babysitter’s for a kids party while we had beer dinner! Much better way to spend the night. And Stefanie had just been to check out Hardywood in Richmond so brought her go to beer from this Virginia craft brewery.
the damage

the damage

Annnnnnnd we are all feeling fine.  I think the night was a great success! We definitely gravitated towards the Belgians but that was completely random as we were all picking on our own! Thanks so much to Thanh and John for all the prep work and cooking. John had a spread sheet to help him time and track all the meals and it went off very streamlined! It was a great idea and I hope we could make it happen again at our house in the near future!
Here’s to swearing out loud, telling raunchy stories, making fun of your kids (who are cute lil stinkers, but also jerks) and drinking craft beer with a homemade gourmet meal! Thanks for reading my story!  Learn more about craft beer in Harrisonburg at realbeerwife | sometimes mommy needs a beer; good thing dad is opening a brewery.
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