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Birds & Booze: Tasting with Catoctin Creek Distillery

OK…. so it’s not beer.  And I admit, spirits aren’t for everyone, but Catoctin Creek is the real deal.  Founded in 2009, Catoctin Creek Distillery is the first legal distillery in Loudoun County, Virginia since Prohibition.  And they’ve got it going on!  Cactoctin Creek has been winning awards for their high quality spirits.  Mosby’s Spirit, an organic rye “white whiskey” that’s as smooth and very drinkable.  I’m not a spirits-lover, but this stuff is as smooth as they come!

“So what do birds have to do with booze?” you ask.

This coming Wednesdsay, June 22 @ 6:00pm Catoctin Creek Distillery will be doing a tasting paired with appetizers at Market Table Bistro in downtown Historic Lovettsville!  The “Ducks” at the distillery are the works of Market Table Bistro’s featured artist of the month, Gold Feather Photography.  This art show and tasting is just one of a fantastic line of events held at Market Table Bistro.  Chef Jason Lage will provide appetizers to compliment Catoctin Creek’s fantastic spirits which include Mosby’s Spirit as well as their: Roundstone Rye – an aged rye whiskey said to be “wise beyond their age” and Watershed Gin – a complex distillation with secret ingredients.

Event Details
“Birds & Booze” an art show & tasting
Wednesday, June 22, 2011 @ 6:00pm

Market Table Bistro
13 East Broad Way
Lovettsville, VA 20180

$20 per person, includes tasting & appetizers

Call (540) 822-3008 to make reservations!

“Birds & Booze”

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Review: Cask-conditioned Heavy Seas Peg Leg Imperial Stout

firkin |ˈfərkən|
noun, chiefly historical
a small cask used chiefly for liquids, butter, or fish.
• a unit of liquid volume equal to half a kilderkin (about 11 gallons or 41 liters).
ORIGIN Middle English ferdekyn, probably from the Middle Dutchdiminutive of vierde ‘fourth’ (a firkin originally contained a quarter of a barrel).

The first Thursday of every month is Firkin Thursday at Fireworks Pizza.  Each month, this gourmet, wood-fired pizza joint in the middle of downtown Leesburg offers a different cask-conditioned craft beer. Continue Reading

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Review: Good Juju? Yes Please!

Now that summer is almost over, I’ve been reminiscing on one of my favorite summer traditions.  I love, more than anything, to load a cooler up with a huge variety of beers and play a sort of “brewery Russian roulette” when we get to our party destination.  Never knowing what might come out of that cooler makes beer taste better in my opinion.  Also, I’m absolutely  famous for purchasing beer (and wine, for that matter) solely based on how cool the label looks.  This purchasing strategy has gotten me in to tasting trouble on more than one occasion.  However, this summer my label buying and my Russian roulette worked out to my advantage. Continue Reading